Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspiring yoga couples

So this is Carol Carpenter and Robert Golden at Christina Sell's workshop. I have had the pleasure of doing a couple weekend workshops with these two beautiful shri filled yogis and just wanted to take a moment to thank them and all the other yogi couples I've ever done yoga with. Now let me clarify so it doesn't seem like I'm codependent, lol....because I don't believe that a couple needs to do yoga together to be happy or healthy, but lemme tell doesn't hurt.
Without going into a long disertation of my unhappy relationship history, I can tell you that the participation and willingness of certain yoga students showing up to class and workshops with their partners who also do yoga has been a great inspiration to me. There are so many, and what I've noticed about all of them is that they are individually so different from each other, and yet so supportive of each other, and it just really shows on the mat. The dedication to their own practice just enables their partner to do the same. I had no idea I was going to get these great relationship models in a yoga class, but I did over the course of the last eight years and I was able to cultivate it in myself and have something then to offer the relationship that I am in now. It blows me away. I am still learning, still adjusting, but for the first time in my life, my yoga practice, and the practice of cultivating healthy relationship has found it's way into my love life. I am experiencing a healthy partnership, supportive, compassionate, understanding and full of shri, and I've been experiencing it for a year now and it continues to grow the more I take the fruits of my practice off my mat and into my relationship. It really helps that he meets me in the middle and gives back so willingly. I really attribute that to yoga actually. I know that when you cultivate it in yourself, you attract it to you from others and you in turn inspire in back and forth when two are willing to do the work. I'm just barely scratching the surface, but I'm HERE! and it's a big deal to me. So I wanted to thank a few partnerships that have helped me heal.
First and foremost of all.....Karen and Chris......OMG......thank you so much! Ed and Olive (who also helped me with my gardening skills, lol) Nancy and Nick, Jim and Linda, Teresa and Barry, Gerry and John, Teri and Steve, Carrie and myself (she was like my practice partner during One Heart Dialogue group, I will always love her for that!!), Dale and Maxien and of course that beautiful couple in the pictures above....Carol and Robert. and I know I'm forgetting some and I will see them sometime and think in my mind, "oh yeah, I forgot to put their names down too"...and I will come back here and add them. I would also like to thank all those partners who don't come to yoga class, but make it possible for your partner who does by watching kids and telling your yogi partner to have a good day as they venture out the door to spend 8 hours at a yoga workshop, or even better......out the door to spend a week at a retreat, or EVEN BETTER.....out the door to spend two months in India. Wow!!!
And thank you Woody....for being that parnter that smiles as I go out the door to yoga and tells me I'm beautiful and tells me to have a good time and listens to all my yoga contemplations and meets me in the middle. Wow!!!
That's all for now.

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